Thigh Lift in Birmingham

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Thigh Lift

A thigh lift surgery is typically performed to reshape and contour the thighs, offering a better aesthetic to the thigh overall. Like with most other body contouring treatments, thigh lifts are not a substitute for weight loss, and must not be confused as such. Since thigh lifts are an invasive procedure, assessing all the potential risk factors and medical history of the patient to guarantee a safe procedure. Thigh lifts are performed to tighten the skin and smooth out any creases in the thighs for a better look overall. It is also performed to lend better contour to the thighs and is generally only recommended to patients who are already within an optimum weight range.

At Mr. Jag Jagadeesan’s clinic for thigh lift surgery in Birmingham, we take extensive measures right from the consultation phase to expedite a smooth thigh lift process for every patient’s specific case. Extra care is taken to ensure your medical history is conducive to the process, and recovery measures are advised taking client comfort levels into account.

Why Thigh Lift Is Important

The most popular reason to get a thigh lift done is to achieve a better aesthetic appearance for one’s thighs. It’s common to get the procedure done after significant weight loss in the region to smooth out the skin and bring a fuller appearance to the thighs. However, your surgeon will advise you to maintain a steady weight for at least six months leading up to the surgery, to make the skin easier to work with during the procedure. In some cases, thigh lifts can also be performed to provide a better quality of life to clients who are facing hassles due to excess fat and tissue deposits in their thighs.

Our thigh lift surgery clinic in Birmingham, walks you through the entire process of getting the procedure done through extensive care and attention.

Thigh Lift Procedure

Prior to the surgery, you will be asleep under general anaesthesia. We make markings on your thigh for the incisions based on the type of thigh lift best suitable for you.

  • In most patients, excess fat removal is done by liposuction to ensure the overall reduction in volume of thighs and to ensure even contour prior to addressing the excess skin.
  • In patients with moderate skin excess in inner thigh, your surgeon will usually perform a thigh lift, with an incision is made in the groin area.
  • If you have significant skin excess throughout the extent of your inner thigh, you may require an incision that extends through most extent of your inner thigh (as required) and groin to aid removal of excess skin.
  • Once the removal is complete, the surgeon will seal up the incisions with sutures and stitches. The procedure takes around two hours.

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Yes, it is normal for the skin around the incisions to be bruised and swollen to some degree. If the pain is excessive or causes side-effect symptoms, please get in touch with our clinic ASAP.

It is important to keep your leg elevated as much as possible during the recovery phase to aid with reduction in swelling. Refrain from heavy exercise for around 12 weeks, however.

You can resume your normal routine day to day activities few days after surgery with an aim to full recovery of activities around three to six weeks from the surgery.