Benign Skin Lesions, Moles, Cysts, Skin Cancer

Benign Skin Lesions, Moles, Cysts, Skin Cancer

Irregularities in the skin come in myriad shapes, natures and sizes. Knowing the distinction between the various types can help both you and your doctor to better diagnose the condition at hand. At Mr. Jag Jagadeesan’s Clinic, we provide extensive consultation, treatment and rehabilitation for a wide range of skin ailments at our leading plastic surgery clinic in Birmingham. Our expert consultants will provide a focused medical insight and prescribe adequate treatments for the same. Visit our plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic in Birmingham, to avail a consultation session today.

Skin Lesions

Skin lesions are regions of your skin that show a prominent difference from the surrounding areas of your skin. It is an umbrella term for most irregularities and blemishes on your skin (that are usually non-cancerous in nature).

Common examples of skin tags include skin tags, birthmarks and freckles. Treatment: Our plastic surgery clinic in Birmingham, provides treatment for skin lesion eradication and effective relief from any side effects you may experience from them.


Moles are small clusters of hyperpigmentation at sporadic locations in the skin. They are usually black, brown or even skin coloured at times. They are characterised by a distinct border around them separating them from the rest of the skin. Over time, moles are capable of changing their shape and form due to a multitude of reasons, including hormonal shifts.

Treatment: In the majority of occurrences, moles are entirely benign and require no medical intervention per se. However, if you feel your moles are making you self-conscious, feel free to walk into our plastic surgery clinic in Birmingham, UK for a consultation session.


Skin cysts, as the name suggests, are accumulations of common skin debris, including deposits from sweat and sebaceous glands. They may vary greatly in appearance. In some larger cysts, the tissue build up may consist of accrued minuscule bone debris, cartilage or other body fluids.

Cysts on the skin are considered benign tumors, as they differ from the skin around them, but do not proliferate and spread elsewhere.

Treatment: If the cysts on the skin are causing too much discomfort to the client, a surgical removal is prescribed to eradicate the cyst. Walk into our cosmetic surgery clinic in Birmingham, today for a professional consultation.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer (or melanoma) is a form of malignant cancer that affects the skin. At the onset, it might be indistinguishable from other moles, but can quickly metastasize and spread to the rest of the body if left unchecked. Further complicating matters is the skin’s constant risk of exposure to potential cancer triggers, predominantly UV rays from the Sun.

In the early stages, skin cancer manifests itself as irregularities on the skin that resemble moles in appearance, at least at first glance. Diagnosing skin cancer as early as possible is key to mitigating its repercussions. Treatment usually consists of surgical removal followed by, if suitable – medications, chemotherapy and other treatments, depending on how far the cancer has developed and spread across the body. These are best managed by cancer specialists who are part of skin cancer multi-disciplinary teams (MDT).

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