Scar Revision

Scar Revision

Scar revision surgery is a medical procedure that either reduces or alters the prominence of scar tissue on a particular site in the skin. Scar tissue cannot be completely removed. However, through dedicated cosmetic surgery treatment, it can be reduced to improve the appearance and make them as less visible as possible at a glance.

Scars can present in different shapes and form depending on the root cause of the scar whether it be trauma or following an operation or the nature of individuals healing and the constituent tissue that makes up the scar. Treatment of scar tissue requires comprehensive profiling and personalised consultation to determine the nature of the scar and the ideal procedure to treat it. Our expert reconstructive surgery clinic in Birmingham takes a holistic approach to diagnosing and providing the best scar revision treatments for your specific case. We factor in your personal preference regarding your scars in the treatment method as well, placing an emphasis on your complete safety and comfort throughout.

Why Scar Revision Is Important

Scars can happen due to many causes – injury, surgery, acne and sometimes in patients prone to bad scarring, they can happen without any obvious injury. While the primary reason for scar tissue revision is cosmetic alteration of a previous wound, it can also be performed to ensure a better quality of life for patient’s that face discomfort and restrictions in their everyday routine due to these scars. In case of major scar-related functionality impairments, surgical methods might be necessary to provide long-term relief from your scars. Deeper scars usually leave notable scarring even post-surgery, but the functionality of the affected body part can be regained almost entirely.

At Mr. Jag Jagadeesan Clinic, we offer world-class scar revision treatment in Birmingham, specialising in a wide range of scar improvement procedures. After thoroughly assessing the scar’s profile, we walk you through the treatment process from top to bottom while also clarifying any doubts and questions you may have about the procedure. We also assist you in understanding the nature of your scar tissue and why the prescribed treatment is the best course of action for you.

Scar Revision Procedure

It’s important to note that there are alternative methods to treat scar tissue besides surgery. For small-scale superficial keloid (dark red) scars, methods such as steroid injection therapy, cryotherapy and pressure therapy may prove highly effective, bypassing the hassle of surgery.

  • In surgical scar revision, local anaesthesia is administered to ensure that discomfort stays to a minimum during the process.
  • The most common scar removal surgery involves incision and scar tissue removal by an expert surgeon. In some cases, skin grafts from other sites in the body might be performed to smooth out the area post-incision.
  • Surgical treatment for scar revision is often accompanied by additional measures such as steroid medications, silicone therapy and bandages/dressings to aid recovery post-surgery.

Walk into the best scar revision treatment clinic in Birmingham, to say goodbye to your prominence of your scars once and for all, through safe state-of-the-art medical procedures.

Administering steroids assists in reducing the potential swelling and redness associated with scar revision. It is conducted with precise dosage by our medical experts to prevent any side effects.

Majority of scars due to any cause can fade on their own over time. But most keloid scars do not fade entirely even post-surgery, so it is imperative to temper your expectations prior to treatment.

In most cases, the most ideal treatment for scar removal depends on contextual factors surrounding the scar. Your medical expert will prescribe the best-case scenario treatment based on your profile.