Ear Correction (Otoplasty)

Ear Correction (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to realign the position of one’s ears relative to their facial orientation. Through ear correction, it is also possible to reduce the prominence of the ears as the client desires. The surgery itself is performed on the outer ear (or auricle), which consists of the pliable cartilage that is encased in skin. People opt for otoplasty in Birmingham for a multitude of reasons, including improvement of appearance and achieving symmetry if they are uneven. Ear correction is a viable method to rectify any structural deformities or anomalies in a person’s ears, and is performed by the expert surgeon to prevent further complications.

Mr. Jag Jagadeesan provides dedicated consultation and treatment for ear correction surgery in Birmingham. Considering the medical history and other relevant factors of the client, we advise the best course of action regarding your ear correction surgery and guide you through all phases, from consultation to post-surgery recovery.

Why Ear Correction Is Important

Taking into account the pivotal role ears play in a person’s physiology, ear correction surgery is performed for a number of reasons. One evident reason is individual client preference on the appearance of their ears and how it impacts their perception. Reducing the prominence of the ears called ear pinning is among the most popular requests for ear correction surgery in Birmingham. Through this procedure, clients can get their ears reshaped the way they desire, for a better facial profile.

Another major reason for availing ear correction surgery is for health reasons. Significant trauma to the ear could cause deformities in its structure, consequently impairing your hearing. In these cases, ear reshaping is performed to alleviate these issues and provide relief to clients in resuming their daily lives.

Ear Correction Procedure

Before the procedure itself, a thorough review of your medical history and relevant questions will be conducted to assess surgery safety. You will be administered local anaesthesia to prevent discomfort in your ears during the treatment.

  • An incision will be made on the lower edges of your ear or inside its folds, depending on the particular reshaping to be performed.
  • Excess cartilage and skin is extracted from the ear site and redistributed based on the desired shape.
  • Following the redistribution and grafting, the incisions are sealed using sutures and/or stitches. Larger incisions require larger stitches.
  • In cases of ear pinning surgery, special measures are taken to bring your ears closer to your head without any discomfort involved.
  • A typical ear correction surgery takes around 1-3 hours depending on the number of incisions to be made.

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Surgery after-effects are usually limited to swelling and redness in the operated area. In case of any concerns,please contact our clinic ASAP!

To speed up your recovery, take your prescribed medications for pain and wear headbands to keep the dressings protected. Avoid itching the operated area, lest you disturb the sutures.