Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a common procedure in plastic and reconstructive surgery, where excess fat is removed from a particular region and transplanted onto a different site to lend more volume to that area. Fat transfer (or lipomodelling) is usually performed from the abdominal area or thighs. It is a meticulous surgical procedure that requires expert analysis and consideration prior to surgery. As the best plastic surgery centre in Birmingham, we endeavour to provide comprehensive lipomodelling treatment procedures to our clients. Before the procedure itself, multiple rounds of consultations are conducted to determine the feasibility of this treatment and rule out any potential side effects.

Fat transfer is often a notable aspect of other related cosmetic surgeries, such as facelifts and neck lifts. In those procedures, fat transfer is performed as a part of reshaping the region and increasing/decreasing volume. Mr. Jag Jagadeesan offers extensive consultations on fat transfer treatments for effective contouring in cosmetic surgery in Birmingham.

Why Fat Transfer Is Important

Fat transfer is performed as a part of body and face contouring. When traditional fat restoring methods prove ineffective, plastic and reconstructive surgeons recommend fat transfer procedures to expedite the process in a safe and secure manner. Fat transfer is usually conducted after assessing the feasibility of the process with regards to the client. It may also be required for medical reasons, to enable a better quality of life for the client. We leave no stone unturned at our clinic to guarantee a smooth and safe procedure that ranks among the best fat transfer surgery in Birmingham.

Facelift/Necklift Procedure

Prior to the treatment, you will be administered a local anaesthetic (or general anaesthetic, depending on the specific case).

  • The first step to fat transfer is to extract the fat. Minor incisions are made in the skin and the excess fat is removed by the surgeon using a thin catheter-type tube, under careful surgeon supervision.
  • Next, the fat is meticulously processed to isolate the fats from all other components such as blood and proteins in the extracted material.
  • This processed fat is then carefully injected into the target area by the surgeon based on specific measures and distributed as required. The overall procedure takes around a couple of hours and is relatively painless.
  • If fat transfer needs to be conducted in multiple regions, then you may be required to undergo multiple treatment sessions as per the surgeon’s advice.

At Mr. Jag Jagadeesan’s clinic, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a world-class surgeon, receiving the best fat transfer treatment in Birmingham. Contact us today for a consultation session.

Depending on the number and nature of fat transfer sessions, you will be discharged after a couple of hours of observation following the surgery. In some cases, you may have to stay overnight to rule out any complications.

The results may take anywhere from a few weeks to up to six months to obtain visible results. You will receive regular check-ups at our clinic to keep track of this process.

Most after-effects of the fat transfer procedure are limited to mild discomfort and swelling. In case of any concerns, please reach out to our clinic at the earliest.