Male Breast Reduction

male breast reduction

Male breast reduction (gynaecomastia) is a predicament that can be resolved through different avenues of treatment. The presence of excessive or pronounced breast tissue in men could be a tell tale sign of gynecomastia, or it could be due to weight-related complications. The root cause is discerned after thorough consultation with a medical expert. In most patients, gynaecomastia is as a result of no apparent cause. In this case, breast tissue will need to be removed surgically. In some patients, this could be because of medical causes and requires medical treatment prescribed and supervised by medical experts to reduce breast tissue proliferation.

Mr. Jag Jagadeesan’s clinic offers best male breast reduction surgery in Birmingham, alleviating all your inhibitions and putting you at complete ease from start to finish. The core aspect to understand is that male breast tissue removal entails a different approach than regular breast tissue removal, due to the differences in inherent physiology among other factors. Our male breast reduction surgery clinic in Birmingham, ticks all the boxes for a hassle-free procedure.

Why Male Breast Reduction Is Important

As a clinic providing the best male breast reduction surgery in Birmingham, we strive to provide effective treatment for men seeking out this treatment. The apparent consequence is psychological stress from the abnormal breast tissue. Gynecomastia can be fuelled by an underlying medical condition, which will require separate treatment. In other, simpler cases, however, excess breast tissue in males can be removed by a breast reduction surgery. This procedure also requires meticulous counselling to ensure all risks and medical factors are accounted for prior to going through with the procedure.

Reducing male breast tissue helps men feel more body positive and confident in their own skin, and Mr. Jag Jagadeesan’s Clinic is here to make that a reality for every client seeking our treatment procedures.

Male Breast Reduction Procedure

Before surgery, your doctor will check whether you have attempted other methods of breast reduction, such as weight loss and/or liposuction, to gain a complete picture of your medical history and profile.

  • The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia to minimise discomfort and associated risks.
  • The amount of fat and tissue to be removed is taken into account before incisions are made on the chest region.
  • At our Birmingham Clinic, we aim to offer a minimal invasive male breast reduction surgery by an incision in your arm pit in most of our patients.
  • In patients with large gynaecomastia with significant excess skin – Incisions are made around the areola and the optimum amount of fat is extracted to reduce your breast size. Depending on the amount, other methods and more incisions may be required.
  • Once the excess fat and tissues is removed, the incisions are sealed up with sutures and surgical glue and allowed to heal.

Walk into our clinic for the best male breast reduction surgery in Birmingham and take a step towards a more confident you!

Aside from some swelling and bruising, you shouldn’t be experiencing any major repercussions from the male breast reduction surgery. In case of any complications, please reach out to us at the earliest.

Yes, but please refrain from taking excessive painkillers, especially aspirin.

The supporting garment helps heal your chest and maintain its post-surgery contours. For ideal results, wear the garment for at least 6 weeks after surgery