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Are you looking for the best arm lift surgeon in Birmingham? Then look no further than Mr Jag Jagadeesan. He is one of the best Brachioplasty surgeons in UK for arm lift procedure.

arm lift in birmingham

An arm lift is a cosmetic surgery technique used to reduce sagging skin and tissue in your arm. It is often performed in combination with other body contouring procedures such as liposuction for more consistent results. A brachioplasty is a relatively straightforward surgical procedure to give your upper arms a better look and definition. However, it is still necessary to assess potential risk factors based on a patient’s medical history and profile to guarantee a procedure with no snags. Brachioplasty is one solution among many to effectively reduce excess tissue build up in the arm. Arm lift surgery is recommended for patients who have workable arm definition and can maintain a stable weight before and after the procedure.

The cosmetic surgery experts at our arm lift surgery clinic in Birmingham, will recommend the most ideal treatment for you based on comprehensive factors, including your prior body contouring surgeries, if any.

Why Arm Lift Is Important

Like with most other body contouring procedures, arm lifts are recommended for those who want to reliably reduce the unnecessary tissue build up in their arms. Brachioplasty is recommended for patients who have seen mixed results at best with other non-surgical methods like dieting and exercises for arm fat removal. At our Birmingham clinic, the other most common reason for arm lift is for body contouring following massive weight loss either following bariatric surgery or diet and exercises. An arm lift also involves “lifting” the underlying tissue of the arm to give it a more pronounced look with better contour, which is another big advantage for most patients. A brachioplasty procedure can also help reverse any age-related sagging in the arms and restore its previous definition for the long term.

At Mr. Jag Jagadeesan’s clinic, you’ll receive insightful consultation and effective treatment on par with the best arm lift surgery in Birmingham, guided by our expert medical staff. From your walk-in to your surgery, we offer extensive care to ensure a smooth process for you.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Procedure

All arm lift treatments, no matter their scale, are carried out under general anaesthesia to minimise pain and discomfort for the patient.

  • The incision for tissue removal is often made at the armpit region with it being extended to the length of the arm. Your surgeon will make the incisions based on prior markings with utmost care.
  • Any extra fat deposits in the region are extracted using liposuction, in most cases. This helps seal the operated area better without any visible marks.
  • In the area of the incision, the tissue is removed, tightened and realigned according to the desired arm tissue profile and definition.
  • Once the tissue is tightened, the operated area on the arm is carefully sealed off with stitches and sutures, with care not to hinder the regular movement of the arm.

As one of the best arm lift surgery clinics in Birmingham, we strive to provide effective and hassle-free brachioplasty to our patients. Contact us today for a consultation session with Mr. Jag Jagadeesan.

Some degree of visible scarring is a given in any arm lift surgery. However, care will be taken to keep these scars as concealed as possible, either through nondescript incisions or through recuperative measures.

You should be all set to resume full normal activities around six weeks after the surgery. Please contact our clinic in case of any complications.

Please refrain from smoking at any point before or after your surgery. If you’re taking steroid medications, please let your doctor know beforehand.

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