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    Brow Lift Surgery in Birmingham

    brow lift surgery

    A brow lift, as the name suggests, is a surgical procedure that elevates the profile of your eyebrows. By raising the tissue surrounding the brow area of your forehead, it is possible to achieve a better aesthetic for your facial features. Brow lifts are considered a significant part of facial contouring, and can be performed to accentuate your eyes or eyebrows for an ideal look. Depending on your facial features and signs of ageing noted – you may require other related procedures, such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and overall facelifts. A popular reason for brow lift surgery in Birmingham is to reverse signs of ageing by repositioning your eyebrows that have dropped because of ageing – to a normal more youthful position.

    As one of the clinics offering the best brow lift surgery in Birmingham, we offer comprehensive brow lift surgery procedures based on your specific reasons for choosing this plastic surgery treatment. From consultation to procedure, we put you in the expert hands of Mr. Jag Jagadeesan to ensure you get the best brow lift surgery in Birmingham.

    Why Brow Lifts Are Important

    Brow lifts are among one of the more popular treatments opted in terms of facial contouring. Since the eyes occupy a prominent place in your face’s aesthetic, brow lifts can help restore the look of your upper face that gradually gets worn down due to ageing and other factors. With age, your brows tend to move down due to sagging skin. If left unchecked, this aged skin can affect the way your gaze is perceived, eventually causing your eyelids to sag as well. When the distance between your eyebrows and eyelids decreases, it significantly alters your facial profile. This occurs due to the tissue in the area surrounding your brow losing its elasticity over the years, forming creases that are difficult to remove without professional procedures.

    Our brow lift surgery in Birmingham is usually performed to alleviate these issues in our patients, helping them regain their desired appearance with fuller, more pronounced brows and an ideal forehead profile based on your requirements.

    The Procedure of Brow Lift Surgery

    The exact type of brow lift you get will depend on your specific case. After assessing your profile and with thorough consultation, we ensure you get the best brow lift surgery in Birmingham. For your reference, here are some general guidelines of the procedure.

    • This procedure is most commonly performed under a general anaesthesia where you will be asleep and monitored under the expert and safe hands of our anaesthetists.
    • In a direct brow lift, for instance, the skin above your eyebrows is removed to realign your eyebrows to a more natural and youthful position. This can be performed under a local anaesthesia.
    • The next step depends on the nature of your prescribed brow lift. Most commonly this is performed by incision along the hairline. The eyebrows are then realigned through this. Our brow lift surgery in Birmingham, UK typically takes a couple of hours at most.
    • After the surgery, the area of surgery will have small dressings to cover the incisions. As you resume your daily activities, you will attend regular check-ups as your incisions heal and your dressings are removed.

    Rest assured, you’re receiving the best brow lift surgery in Birmingham, guaranteeing picture-perfect brows and facial profiles!

    No, your incision lines will heal over time after the surgery and the scars gradually return to your skin tone.For any further clarifications, contact us for the best brow lift surgery in Birmingham and ideal tips to recover post-procedure.

    Your brow lift will be effective over a long period, but as time progresses, it is possible that the skin shows signs of ageing over time.

    Yes, depending on the type of brow lift you had, you will be discharged either the day after the surgery or a few hours after the procedure following observation. Your sutures and dressings will be removed around a week after the procedure. For any doubts, feel free to contact us for the ideal recovery tips as part of the best brow lift surgery in Birmingham.